What come to your mind when you hear about
Commercial Break

A description of where a man was drinking coffe then he asked his friends : "Nadine, Ini Kopi buatanmu? *nadine nodded* "Well, NUMEROOO UNOOO"

I always hating Commercial break when I was watching TV. Especially when it comes to my favorit movies, My favorit scene movies or may be the moment where the winners of a competition will be announce then CUT ! THEY INTERRUPT THAT MOST IMPORTANT SCENE, MOMENT WITH THAT FCUKIN COMMERCIAL BREAK !

Wtf, guys ! Then I always swear THE DIRECTOR and THE DESIGNER of commercial break who just cut and lose my happines of wathcing TV ! Yes, I really swear them all ! All of them !

Then One day , a day of this week, my art teacher grouping me with others for an assignment. Well it just another school stuff when you hear "assignment" word. But after she silent for a sec, then she tell us, the assignment is making a C-O-M-M-E-R-C-I-A-L B-R-E-A-K !!!

Yes ! That silly commercial break that I hate, that I always swear ! And now? I must make one of it ? For real, madam? For sure madam? Oh no no no :(

She just giving us 2 weeks for making this ASSignment. So, like it or not, I GOTTA BE MAKING IT :( :( :(. Whereover, she explain the commercial break is about our school, SMANSA. The commercial break must be promote our school, and for the best commercial video, it will be put in our school website . Well, who the hell cares withe the best video ? I even hate to get involved in this "commercial break" stuff !

First when I hear this, I thinks : "HOW CAN WE, just a 2ND GRADE OF HIGH SCHOOL CAN MAKE SUCH A THINGS LIKE THAT? IT IS REALLY SUCH A BIG DEAL !IT NEED A LOT OF PROPERTY, LOCATION, CAMERA, SPEAKER blablabla" It was impossible to do ! To do for a 2nd grade students like us ! That has no movies stuff ! But My teacher said " it really possible, and it is really easy ! all you do is just R-E-C-O-R-D-I-N-G, my beloved student. Recording, is that easy right? Just push play in handycam, and there you aree !"

Yes Madam - -"

So, after she grouping us.Each class must have 2 video of commercial breaks . So there are 2 gropus while my class consist of 32 student. To making one commercial break, the members are 16 people ! So with this 16 people, we will gonna make something that I really hate. Well I got my partner to be work with.

After meet, discuss and blablabla. 1 person must have 1 idea for commercial break concept. So we have a lot of idea, design and concept. And finally, they choose mine ! A concept like Obama commercial break that I ever watch in TV. The concept was like this :

A succes, rich ,old man was on the way to his old school, Smansa Pkp. On the way go to smansa, in his car, he was having daydreaming. He thought back about the day where he registered to SMANSA for the first time, the day where he go to Smansa in the 1st day, The day where he were on the class learning in the class, until the day where he graduated, Theen after having daydreaming, he go to smansa, walk around on his old school then after walk around he will say something about smansa like this : "Wanna be SUCCES like ME??? so, GO TO SMANSA !" ~The end~

Is it simple, right? Or have you ever heard a concept like that? Kinda cheesy or somethin -.-
But I dont know why, everyone thinks that my concept is the best idea. So here we go to choose the actor, cameramen and etc.

So we choose
The crew :

Director : Sarah Azzahwa (WHY IT MUST BE MEEE ! - -") and Imam Prakoso
Cameramen : M.Aditya (beacuse he has a handycam)
Make up : Media and Salbiyah (Because they always pretty everyday in the school *hey, is it relevan?* )
Stylish and costume : Sarah Azzahwa (oke, me myself offer my hand to handle this)
Editing : M.Aditya & Debby Indah

The Actress :

M.tabroni as The main actor (The succesfull man)
Rizki Akbariansyah as PERSONAL DRIVER of the successfull man *how poor you are :p, heeehee*
Nia R as HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER of the succesfull man
Debby Indah, Zara Widya, Fauzan, as HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS of the succesfull man
Yurika and Harry as THE SENIOR STUDENT of the succesfull man
Bubuh Alhamdy as THE FATHER of the Succesfull man

So as you see, They using my concept and also choose me as the director. the conclusion is I AM THE DIRECTOR AND THE CREATOR. While, I always used to swear the DESIGNER and THE DIRECTOR of every commercial break in this world. And so now? I gotta be swear myself for this?
wtf - -"

It was the scene of "DAYDREAMING"...Hha
It was Tabroni Daydreaming's scene. Well, hows his expression? Professional enough?

Hahaha, I just printscreen that, The scene where the sucessfull man get daydreaming in his car. It really hard to do a shooting inside a car - -". For this scene we have to practice it 5 times and then doin about 2 retake. GOD ! Hahaha, but After I directing him all weeks, hhi :p, I think Tabroni really has a talent to be an actor, and he also look like Obama a lil bit :p . It was the part of the video. Well we just done 1/3 of it. Ahh, I hope it finish soon. I really get mind doin this, a lot of stuff, a lot of retake, and soon.

Okay guys, just wish me luck and can done this all in this 2 weeks
Sorry if such a long time I have no posting yet because I'm busy to making this
It seems that every commercial break stuff ALWAYS INTERRUPT every part of my life :(
But i promise, I PROMISE to upload the video of the commercial break if we have done for you, my readers

Yes, this is I promise you.... :)
Keep reading and waiting


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