i'm not feeling sorry

Yes, it is TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX friends request on my facebook's home
And it will grow bigger bigger and bigger
because i have observe that each day there are 3 people adding me, (3 person/days)
Especially the rate will bigger after I change my Profil Picture, it will be getting 6 person/days

I have 3 reason why I dont wanna confirm them

Because once, I ever confirm some Nigga (african) facebookers. After one day I confirm it, he calls my HOME PHONE that been answered by MY MOM firstly, (WTF, HE CALL IT FROM AFRICA, dude..AFRICA !!!) and...
he SAID he got the number from my "info facebook"
Is it dangerous enough?

yes, yes it do !
I hate to see my home full with status of anybody who I do not know
especially the "alay" one, the "emotion" one, the "horny" one
like : "0UcH, GoD, I rEaLLy lOvE hIm sO mUcH...lOvE yA mY HuNNy BuNNy SwEEty


"ANJING, TAI BABI ! DASAR CEWE LONTE anak haraamm , AMBIL2 COWO ORANG ! Blablabla..."

ouch, such an eye sores -.-

#3 The annoying chatter
these unknown people always try saying "Hi", or ""Hello" and other unecessary things
honestly, I hate to respon and reply it
because I have to chatting a lot about my school task, assignment with my classmates
but they always do that same thing every time when I get Online
so? am I wrong?

Well, well,
Sorry for the delay ,
266 people who are adding me

*P.S I just Dont mean to be mean -.-


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