I really like photography :)
But I dont wanna be photgrapher Well, I'm not really into it, just for hobby :)

Well, may be someday If God give me a lot of money, I want to buy SLR camera for my hobby, everyone :p
Photo is just a picture, but withuot say anything, act nothing, we just stare at them
they told us a lot of word, story, trigger a smile even a cry :'(

Photo has a different meaning for every people. Its just depend on us.
my friend say a picture that could make him smiling, a potrait of sky with cloud
somebody say a picture of cakes, a picture of candles, a picture of her korean Idols (:p)
and what about mine?
Ahhhh, my most favorite is a potrait of smiling people
Okey, you gotta say eh? Every one always smiling in the photos !

Its not a smiling picture like that, but it is a "real" smiling picture
A picture that taken when they really-really laughing, joking
especially when the object do not know they were on snap shot
Just by staring at the pic. It will make me smiling by myself in front of my laptop
:) :) :)
This one of my favorite photos from my collection :

it was farhan and I, we were laughing beacuse Gugun was joking about somethin
hahaha, miss you guys :')

Just staring it for 4 second, it always succesfully making a smile in my face
that is the power of photos. But photo also can trigger a cry :(
Like when we staring photos of someone that we loved but now they already gone, die, or so faraway *miss you nobita :')
or may be a photo that describe violance, loneliness, bloody, or even a ghost?
or a photo that remain us with our past, our mistaken,
yes I always cry when I see a photo of an old, white haired, smoking teacher

and also a picture that make me missing a beach,though it an feel the warm of sand, the bubble of the sea,
yes, it was a picture of me in the beach, it really make me want to go to the beach over, over and over again

on my local beach, pasir padi

I really hate a picture without no object, just a potrait of scenery....
god, it was so EMPTY ! I just dont get it, where's the beauty and the sense of art from that?
I also used to hate an edited photos
Yes, you know? a photo that been add by something sparkling, colorfull stuff, flower, butterfly, smile emoticon, this what I mean,*Ouch, I hate them - -"
but A photo that been photosop manipulation, it is my exception :D

Photosop is used to give an effect to our photos
Its really need a techniques, techniques in understanding the tools, also techniques using our mouse *when i use photosop i cant stand to use the mouse - -", it so naughty !

I really adore them ! It seems, nowadays Photoshop is the "things" that can not be seperated with photography
and honestly i used photosop sometime for whitening my face
hha, *confession :p. Photoshop makes photography fun, funny, not serious like it used to

hha, the most funniest edited photo that can make me laugh is this one

Hahaha !
I used to love justin bibier , but when I see this one?
Hahahahahaha, I really really adore this picture
Whoever edit this photo,
it is my #1 favorited !
Sorry for all justin bibier lovers espeacially Justin bibier *who knows he will read my blogs?
no hate, no complain please
just for fun ;)

And also, one of famous artist that always be the victiom of PHOTOSOPER is :


Yes, he always be a victim of the photoshop.May be there a trillion of edited photo of him. phoo Hahaha, I always wonder? Why? Why must be him? He never make a controversial, or have hater like justin bibier does? Hahaha, I think it all because he has a funny expression of face :)
Hahaha, poor him :), my favorite mr.been edited photo are and it A LOT ! :

it supposed to be angelina jolie?
am i right? Haha, i love mr.bean eyebrow hear
aww, that'


Hahaha, bean pattinson
for fifi : hey you, edward lover? still loving him? hahaha
I choose bean Pattinson that robert pattinson, eh :p
honestly he is more cute than robert

I used to scream when I watch this movies
It so SCARY !
But when I see the cover like this?What about if Mr.bean staring the movie? Hahahaha

Hahaha, Okey i know this one the edit is not as good as others
but i really love the expression of mr.bean, hahaha
it was Avenged sevenfold drummer? am i right? hahaha

Awwww, he is so cute
love it :3 unyu unyu




There is one of edited by photosop that I really adore also make me confuse,
it tottaly unique concept, simple, good, and.... *speechless
really, I dunno what kind of word can describe this photos
it make a big question mark on my head, wanna see it? here you are

Can you see it? just click it for zooming
It was a photo of bridge
May be some of you thinks it just nothing
but for me, the idea, concept and the way how the photo takes is so AMAZING !

Photography is totally fascinating :) !


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