My biggest obsession

Now I am in 2nd class of my high school ! And for this academic year, honestly... I got so much dreams and hope in my mind. But, my biggest obsession just 1 thing. That is

Be the best speaker in ISDC of BABEL

Oke, this one is really my biggest dream and obsession. I cannot lie, I always dreaming it all the time. Yes, I DO WANT TO BE THE WINNER. I even imagine how crazy I will if I do not win this ! Oh God, I really expecting this one, please do not let me down :((

I do not care with the money that the winner will get, but all I want to do is prove to everyone about my English skills ! My public speaking ! and also my debating skills !

I do not want to be that person that you just know "oh yeahhh,i heard sarah is good at english". I get enough of hearing that compliment *okey, I took it as compliment :P*. But i also want to prove the truth that I really mean that good !

And also, I do not want to let down all of my english teacher. English teacher that ever teach me ! Mr.Syahrial, Mr.Cikok, Mr.Ranti, Mam Erni, Mam Harini, Mr.Syahal, Mr.Efendi, Mrs.Liss, aahhh I never know what will I gonna be if I loose this ! They have been took their expectation on me ! They stated how good is my english to everyone, with proud and briefly ! So do these people deserve to be let down? NO THEY DO NOT ! I want to make them to be real proud of me :)) and said it loud "Oh yess, THAT'S MY STUDENT !"

So please God, make it come true ! Can you? Please ? :(

Me as the debater last year, And I LOSE IT :(

P.S. :
Ahh just wish me luck this 3 november everyone !


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