Goo Jun pyo

I heart Go jun Pyo in the serial of BBF

buat more I watch them, become more I hate him?
I mean, seriously I adore his face, his handsome *eeh noun buat ganteng apaan sih? hha udah tak cari digoogle ga ad*
his spheric eye ball with pointed nose and his silly curly hair
oh god, so cute, i wish someday i could have a friends like him *evenwejustfriends!!!*:3

But I was start to hate him when I watch the episode #4, the story where all the conspiracy open up ! (remember conspiracy where Jam Di accused sleep with a men ?)

I made up my conclusion for this character -- Go Jun Pyo--

"I do not deny that this guy appearance, face is nomber #1, but I cannot stand with his rude manner, and also all his word are very rude and strong"

" Tampangnya Go jun pyo emang nomer satu, tapi kalo soal tindakan & kata2nya, sumpaah kasar bangeet buat seorg cowo ! "
PS : play now : Rihanna- Rude Boy !


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