Loose it !

Oke so everyone
I m gonna tell you that I loose the debate competition ?

And how am I? Very well thanks, I'm better now :). Hha, first is really hard for me to face it. Its like my life was so ruin, i hatin' myself for this failure !
But then I realize, okey. It was not the end of my life, i still have such a long journey ! And you know what, the world seems want to cheer me up.

So when I was get home, My brother ask me to get some lunch in KFC and he will pay for me
*oh thanks bro, but I cant eat anything with this braces on !*
Then My mom ask me to get some walk and girl days with her
Then we do window shopping, and the one coincide that really make me smile
when I get online to my facebook via my mommy cellphone, Nokia C3
And when I have log in , it was written on my fb home :

Oh god, even the great motivator seems motivate me, and I swear to you, I read it after 3 hours of my loose. I feels the world just do not want to see me down :)
Thanks Mr.Teguh, it helps me a lot, really

And also, I do not loose at all. At least, my tim get as the best team in the debate.
And so, I must go on thought I still to get into another debating contest !
YES IT WAS POLITICAL DEBATING. aaah everyone do pray for me :)
There are Many ways to go to Roma :)


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