Cimu, my new camera

holaaaaa, everybody !!!

I can not believe it ! Finally, i can hold my own camera ! Yeaah, that SLR camera, i mean !
So today, this afternoon with my Mom, I go to Camera's Shop in my town and with no more words and action, we buy it !!!
Gosh, my resolution for this year is become true !!! Yeah !!! Hha, I know that my new cammie is not as deligth as the other, not as pro's like the other ! But who cares? I still amateur in photography, but just be nice wif me, everyone ! I am the next big things that gonna rock photography world *wakakakaka, YOU WISH :P*

So, my new cammie is CANON EOS 1000D. See? It is not as pro as the other camera. He is low level in the camera's world *emang ada dunia gitu?*, but I love him. He will be my first and last cammie forever ever and ever, hhi :D

And here you go, I hold you after I pay you cash ! Rp 5.000.000 as same as $500. Ahh so happy can be here with you cammie :3.

And one things to notice, everyone!!!
I buy it, this camera, with my OWN money !!!
Yes, it is ! It took about 2 years for me to fetch the money to reach this $500, and thanks to God ! Now I can hold my dream !
Sorry, i am not that spoiled girl, not that show off high school students that buying camera just for follow the trend, or for show off my parent's rich ! No I am not. I buy it with my money that I collect in 2 years and also I buy it for my hobby ! Do not equalizing me wif that "teen" photographer, I am just different :) and I know how hard to get this amazing camera ! I have think the other possiblities that I can buy if I dont want the camera. But I have figure it out my mind ! I am interested in photography, and My passion is on there. So dont be so hesitated no more?

So after bring it home. My bro ask me, "So who is his name?"

Well, I guess it will be a good idea to give it a name :). Okey, because guy of the month is Cillian Murphy, a guy that play in -The edge Of love- so I will call him "Ci-Mu !"
Ci stands for Cillian
and Mu stands for Murphy

27 December 2010

Okey eventhough, Ci-Mu is lower level camera and also just have 10.2 megapix, I will try my best to use it !!! So here just some pic that taken wif Ci-Mu. Hha, i know the pic is standard, but hey me and Cimu still beginner here :)

PS : I am Newbie !!!


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