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My random chatt in Omegle with a stranger

You : If you are europe boy, How tall are you?
Stranger : Me? What its all about?
You : No, just curious. So how tall?
Stranger : Well, it is 188 cm i guess
Stranger : I dont know exactly
Stranger : i never check it
You : OMG, 188 centi?
You : It's almost to 90's !!!
You : How tall are you !!!

You : I think we'll never can make it up !
You : You're too tall for me
You : For Asian girl its normal TO HAVE 155 CENTI's
You : But for europe size ? I just nothing !
You : Yeah, we will never can make up !
You : LOL :D
Stranger : LOL, hahaha. So thats why you ask
Stranger : Never?
Stranger : Why never? I do like asian girl ;)
Stranger : You asian girl are amazing !!!
You : Hahaha, but its matter for me !
You : Think about it !
You : If we make up...
You : I even CANT kiss you !
You : because I just 155 ! I even need 30 centi to reach you !
You : LOLOLOL !!!!
Stranger : Kiss?
Stranger : Hahaha, so thats you matter about?
You : Yes, hahaha just wonder. See?
You : Even for kissing, Its hard for us to make up !
Stranger : Dont worry, honey :)
Stranger : We still can kissing each other !
Stranger : No matter how tall I am
Stranger : Or hows your tall
You : Really?
You : How's?
Stranger : Well, I will sit on the chair
Stranger : Then I let you to sit on my lap
Stranger : And there we go, kissing each other :*

And after chatt that I just silent and just get off, I just speechless !!! Oh god, i wonder who is this amazing guys?
He really got me on my knees in 5 minutes of the chatt.
I mean? Seriously, I never though there was a way of kiss like that.
And yes, I do want to do that with your way, mr.stranger :*

And simply, since that I always adore a tall men. And thats why i never got interested with short boys eventhough they are cute, rich or whatever. Sorry world, I just adore tall boy !!!

PS : Who are you, Mr.Stranger ???


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