Friendship of Cat

I am crying now everyone
Because I just see a video that really touching ! I mean, yes I AM CRYING now !!!
You can see the vidoe in here
And just wait for second for the buffering.

It was about a cat that try to help (waking) his friend that already die because hit by a car. Oh my God i just can believe it true ! The cat really help and try to wake his friend ! Like he just give his friends CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) or kinda like that.

Ahhh, words can not express the video ! I really suggest you to see the video, you will never regret it, -EVER- !

Interested commenrts :
  • Its so sad, the was she looks at the camra crew. She looks like shes saying "Why are you just standing there!? Help me!!" It really did put tears to my eyes.

  • someone put a bullet in the head of the asshole who hit the cat, then again also in the assholes who just stood around and watched rather then summon a vet. People are assholes!

ps. Even a cat now what the meaning of friendship is :(


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