Chocolate Ball

Happy valentine everyone :*
Hiks, even though I have no somenone special in this day, but I still made some chocolate cookie for my friends for sure ;)

Its really easy to made, and also the ingredients are just THREE !
I got it from Kawan ku Magazine #92. So are you interested to make it too ?

Ingredients :
10 biskuit Marie regal
susu kental manis coklat
Meises warna/i

How to make it :
1) Hancurkan biskuit jadi remah-remah halus
2) Mix it with susu kental manis secukupnya ampe adonan bisa dibentuk
3) bentuk bola-bola
4) Guling-gulingkan di meses warna/i
5) Dinginkan di dalam kulkas
6) ready to serve

Here are some pic of mine ;)

PS. Lets spread the love ;*


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