Just for her, For my faraway sister

Hey Via, how's you doing there on jogjakarta?
Are you still that shy girl like you used to when we firstly met?
How's your paskibraka? Is it gettin' better?
How's fala and alya? Your bestfriends there? Are you still bestfriends?
How's SMA 11 Jogjakarta? And how about "him" ? hhi
Are you still pretty ? With that javanesse face?
Oh God....There are many things that we should talk
that we should share, that we should know
just like we used to like that wonderfull 2 weeks :))
Well then,
I just Missing you and your whole family, here :')

PS. Kamu masih inget ga taruhan kita dulu? Aku bakal traktir kamu WS, kamu bakal masakin aku spagheti kalo dugaan kita berdua benar XD


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