Enrique Iglesias

I can tell you how much I adore this latino man ! His voice, his eyes, his body, his EVERYTHING !
Enqrique Iglesias, first time I know him by his song "Somebody's Me"
Hardly to say, all of his video song is so sexy and always fill with sexy Agirls. But well then who cares? Its the risk of being sexy guy like him, right ? =P

So nowadays, he just realease his new song, "Tonight (I'm Loving You)". And well then honeslty the video full with sex scene -___- but he still sexy just the way he is :D

He's not a jerk, he just different with other singer. If other singer like to used bikini's girls in video, it look like he is the real bastard. But enrique just different, he is such a polite man. I love the way he look at girl , and the way he treat the girl on the video clip. He treat them feeling, gently like the girl is his REAL girlfirend, not like the other singer.

That's why , he just DIFFERENT ! ^ ^ i just see all his video and I found an interested comment about him, and I TOTALLY AGREE WITH IT !

"What I love about Enrique and what moves me and all the other millions of girls around this world, is the way he acts with his girls. Yes there is alot of nudity and sexual parts in many of his videos, BUT there is a difference between his videos and the other videos of today's era. He's MAKING LOVE with his girls. Not fucking them, It's feelings involved. For me that makes it beautiful. I don't see this video as something dirty, it's beautiful, I think that's why many girls are touched by him."

Just cant agree more ^ ^ I even make him as my wallpaper on my laptop, hhe

PS. I love you enrique Iglesias, Hope you read this ! :D


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