He is my un-foget-able one :)

I remember, our first diaolugue in lobby of mushola
When you said, "Aku lupa namamu, Sarah-Sarah-Sarah !"

I remember, when I always ask you
Just to open up my mineral watter bottle

I remember our silly-written chatt on your Honda note book
While the others busy making their note about "9 summers-10 autumn"

I remember, the first time I holding your hand
Just to warming you up and calming you down after you got Big Eight !

I remember, when you ask me
Just wanna two of us for the tomorrow morning, in Dufan trip :D

I remember, when we hunt 1 more game on Dufan
Then trying "..." , just to make the total 10 games ! Hahaha

I remember, when we watch Kalila Adventure
Then we both laughing and realize, how idiot we are for watchin that performance

I remember, the way you touching my head
just try to messing up my hair, hha

I remember, that we were holding hands
All that day long in Dufan

And I just remember,
That you are the first boy in my life, that brave enough to holding my hands

I remember, when you told me
That you know how to hold girl hands by watching some korean dramas (lol)

I remember, how happy I am for these 3 days
Because I was having you here, in Jakarta

And I remember, we just having 3 days
And we are out of good-bye now

Then I remember, I will go back to my home, go back to my life
and So you do, go back to your province-Medan-, to your life, and back to your girl -of course

And I remember, you already taken by someone out there
But who cares? We just tryin' to living our life for these 3 days right?

But I also remember that,
I will and always remembering you, Heru Cakra Asari :)

PS. Setialah kepada pacarmu yg "sebenarnya" disana yaaa :D, I would not bother you anymore


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