A letter for my senior somewhere out there

Dear my 1-year-above senior
in somewhere I dont know,

Through this letter, I just want to express how deeply  dissapointed I am with your decision to leave and DUMP ITB chance last year. I heard that you did not take this GOLD oppurtunity dispute of your financial problems.

All I want to ask is these few of question,dearest Madam. 

Do you have a brain in somewhere of your body?
Considering that just few people in INDONESIA can  enroll into this amazing instuition.
Also considering that many people sacrifice their soul, their time to be their student.
And just the best of the best students are the chosen ones to study there

Or do you have a heart in somewehere of your body?
Considering your high school could get blacklisted and suspended because of your very wise decision
Considering the heart, the feeling, the pray, the desire and also THE DREAM of your juniors that want to enroll these institution
Considering how dissapointed the commite of SNMPTN because you just rejected them though you were the first one who offered them, the first one who seduced them
Considering how madly ITB dean, ITB rector became to see an empty seat on the next day that they have already served

But the most of all that really confused me above that is one thing :
Why you choose ITB that day if you'd never take it 

 I also heard now you are the student of X university, oh yeah let me congratulate you. But the saddest things is : it is LOWER class university than ITB but the same faculty. One word that can express my feeling about this, you are : PATHETIC.

Dearest madam,
your wise decision has already make A GREAT HISTORY for our school. Yes,  A very great history and also do not forget the good impression for ITB , so that they will more careful to pick a student from our high school next day, the next next year, and yes another year.

I and the other students of 2012 generation wish nothing but the best for you now and the future. Hope you are happy with your decision and do not get easy along you enter college life. Also this, this is my only wish for you, yes it is exclusively from myself, SARAH AZZAHWA. I wish, I just wish you'll never get easy when you look for a job in the future. So you can realize how idiot you are for rejecting that gold oppurtunity that not everyone had it. 

LOL, or in a simple world :
I HOPE YOUR FUTURE FUCKED UP for now and the next day and also the next-next year !

Like the effect of your decision that will ever-last for our school !


Your junior that had-desire-to-enroll-ITB-but-you-ruined-it,
Sarah Azzahwa

Ps. ITB gue bakalan blacklist, SAHABAAAAAAAAT


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