WELCOME HOME, sutria nirda syati !

Its like been forever since you went off to United States
Hahaha, please excuse these drama queen stuff

I still remember the night you came to my house
Just to saying good bye
It shock me off that time, so sudden. You wont tell me
You wont let me know when exactly you will leaving
Such a nice friends of you for not letting me sad to know your departure

I cried
You cried too
That night both of us, the tear falling down like waterfall
Your dad and your mom waitin in the car outside

Then I just tell you, about my failure, our failure
To competete in Cerdas Cermat Provinsi
You know about our group, because we both ever made a trouble, hahaha

You shock, then your cry getting harder
"Why? Who's that dare for not letting you guys to winning and presentating our Province in Jakarta?"

Me dont know either, cut
But then you smile, you tell me
"Well Sar, Maybe God had much better plan  for you, and your team mate !"
I just smile back to relieve you
I dont want this good bye getting harder

So I just smiling back,but deep inside I keep curse and blaming God had been so unfair to me !
But I wont make that night getting harder to sayin good bye

I wont make you sadder, so Suddenly I declare
"I promise you, I will entrance top public university when you got back to Indonesia, promise you !"

It totally succes bring your happines back, you smiling again
"Thanks Sar. Then surely I can not wait to go home just to see my friend as one of top university student !"

Then you went off, then just fly to United States for a year.
Day by day, our promise keep motivate me to study and pray harder

Then that day come,where  I officially accepted in Institute Technology of Bandung
and also, it education funds stuff had fully paid by BATAN

Cut, I already made my promise come true !
All you had to do now, get your things packed and FLY OFF TO INDONESIA
Its just like last night you saying good bye
and now just few weeks left for your coming !

Then you see me, your bestfriends wearing a jacket written

Welcome home baby, you got my honour,the honour of  ITB students, is welcoming you :)

Bandung, Dago Pojok, June 23rd 2012


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