His red shoes

Just see him passing by and come closer, I just notice he wore the shoes today just by a glance. The enlightening red color is surely attarct my eyes and maybe the other eyes so much. I though I pick the wrong red that is just too red. But it does not, it just upgrade his appearance, for some level he looks much better now. Its right somebody used to tell me that the right shoes will bring you to every good places

Him : "Gue pake sepatunya looooh"
Me : "Oh ya? *act suprisingly then looking down* Eh iyaaaaalah dipake"
Him : "Cocok kok ukurannya, empat-empat"
Me : "Cocok ya? Masa?"
Him : "Iyaaa"
Me : "Bagus deh cocok, bagus yah sepatunya tapi sayang yah ehm GAK COCOK AMA MUKA nya. wkwkwkwk"
*then just passing away after teasing him that much*

My god, I love teasing him this much. Hahahahaha, blame me for the way to show of my affection :')
Ps. Sepatu converse tuh emang selalu  bagus :D


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