College Marshall : Honey, whats wrong? Are you okay? Do you want a hit of this sandwich?
Lily : [shake her head] No, I want you

 Lily : "No, it's, It's none of that. It's just this new Marshall... Corporate Marshall
he wears suit, all the time. He doesnt care about saving world
He is not you. And I want you back..."
[Lily sees a College Marshall exhibit and she asks College Marshall to return to her
College Marshall : "Well You can't have me. Look at the sign."
[Lily sees EXTINCT tag at exhibit signage]
College Marshall Eriksen: "I'm extinct.  I've gone the way of Jane's Addiction."
Lily : Actually, Jane's Addiction got back together.
College Marshall Eriksen: They did?
Lily Aldrin: Yeah, they've done a few tours, they've put out a new album.
College Marshall Eriksen: Are you serious? That is awesome! Are they just as good?
Lily Aldrin: [pause] Sure. 
College Marshall : [realize that she still sad] Look, I know that corporate Marshall wears tie and everything but it sounds like...
He hasn't changed where it counts
Lily : [silent and just think maybe he is right]

She talks with College Marshall, telling him that his "persona" was the one she fell in love with many years ago and Corporate Marshall embodied everything he despised. However College Marshall tells her that he's extinct but Corporate Marshall hasn't changed where it counts. Lily realize he is right. Everyone will always change. Like it or not, we must face it and adapt with it because,well change is not always a bad thing, change could be a good things and change will always happen. People change, things change. We can not demand everyone to stay the way they used to be, face it everyone will change. Just deal with it, adapt with it,start to learn how to be friends with the change because everyone will always need a change. Get used to it, dude

Ps. bisa bisaa, biasaa


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