His eyes, His eyes make the stars

Honestly, the night after the big rain, at the restaurant I cant stop take my eyes off from him, I mean his eyes.

ini foto mata sapa gue gatau, asal copot aje, awkwk

He surely has that big bright brown eyes, yet they are so big and round and just that bright. The brown just so bright like I can swim deeply to his mind just by seeing through that tiny little balls. And that time, I know he want me so bad. But I dont, I just want his pretty browny eyes. Evil me !

He asking, but I keep silent, just  seeing his eyes. 
Dont care what he's asking for, Dont listen what he's talking about. His eyes catch me because I fall, I fall that night.

Then there he is, He begging, oh god he begging with his eyes. They are becoming puppy eyes. And his thickeye frowning. Frowning, bright. I SWEAR to god, I can see a light shining from that bright brown eyes ! I realize, how beautiful and charming his eyes are. These restaurant has a bad lighting, but that makes your eyes become prettier to me these night. Yesterday, other day, how could I miss the fact that you had such a pretty eyes. How I hating myself for missing your eyes or my own joyness ! You are one of many persons that have a beautiful eyes that I ever know, and that I ever met, and that ever admired me.

But tonight, gotta be the last night that I see them, my favorite tiny browny marbels. The last chance I can enjoy your eyes. I know it gonna be the last
Because tonight, I will leave you, you will leave me, we both leaving  these town. Sorry for the mistake, sorry for misleading that  I leaded, sorry for the misexpectation, just so sorry for everything.

But I still do love your eyes. Still and always be

Ps. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK gue paling gatahan lihat cowo punya mata indah :p


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