When I marrying you, Lil...I also marrying your problems

The irony is

I learn one thing from us, from you actually this night lately. You teach me that There is a very fine line between a bestfriends and a lover                                                       Your bestfriends is a place where you share your sadness, your bussines, your problem without any reason, without any feeling to be mind wheteher they like it or not
But a lover?Sometimes you feel afraid you gotta bother them, just because you love them so much, you won't drag them to any of your messiness. See? There will always be a reason, a thousand reason why you just can not tell them.

Eventhough my friends, ever told me that
"seharusnya sih pacar itu bisa dijadikan pacar, sekaligus sahabat. Thats why a word of soulmate does exist in these world, Sar"
Hmmm clearly Sutria has a good point here
bukannya ga percaya sih itu ada. It make sense banget malah hahaha, dan jadi inget kalo ini pernah kok dibahas di episode HIMYM
when Marshall said to Lily over her credit card issues,
"When I marry you, Lil.... I also marrying your problems"
See? Ya memang pasti ada kok, hahaha for me just maybe not this time, and maybe not this guy yah :')

Ps. You teach me, And now it just a matter of the time 


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