Intimacy (By Beats Apart)


Intimacy, is the scent of your body unfurled into the air. It is the weave of your skin that I could feel when mine accidentally fondled yours. Intimacy, is laughing out loud on your dry, dull joke-telling attempts. It is having my hand held by you as we crossed the streets. Intimacy, is creating long discussions with you about beliefs, values, politics, food, nations, and everything you know about. It is caressing your cheeks while you are asleep.

Intimacy, is what I would like to always have with you whenever I wake up and whenever I am about to go to sleep. It is trying out a new fancy restaurant in town. Intimacy, is knowing that you press toothpaste tubes on the center of it; and I do so on the edge of it. It is getting to know the little details of you: your habits, your ramblings, your thoughts. Intimacy is, making you my muse. It is, making myself yours.
Never has crossed my mind that I would be falling as deep in your embrace. Never have I thought that my knees would be weakened whenever I hear your voice. What used to be a game for me now already transformed itself into a matter of life and death. Loving you scares me. No matter how painful it has been, it has made me blinded, as if, my eyes are folded and I would never ever be able to think clearly in any day in my life.

These days have been the greatest days ever. But, baby, do you know all of the things that I had been hiding from you? I shall confabulate but I know no way to do so. Giving clues and cues. Giving hints and drips of information daily through my actions. Have you figured them out yet? Do you know what I had been hiding from your senses?

They say the key to a good relationship is constant communication and honesty. But, how to do so? I don’t have the guts to say that you used to only be my way of revenge. I don’t have the audacity to confess that I would be leaving you a few weeks from now to a much different part of the world. I cannot lose this intimacy again.
You are in my grasp and I am not ready to lose you. Not now. There will be a time for us to detach but now is not the right time.

Honesty, is… I have no idea.

What used to be a game for me now already transformed itself into a matter of life and death. Loving you scares me.... *jleb* It's not me writing this amazing word. Plenty of amazing love and life writing waiting you there ! Kindly visit them :

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