Happy 20th, Aulia Rahman Prayuza !

Surely, 26th December is one of the most important days in my life, because it is my only and oldest brother's birthday.

In 2013, he turned up into twenty ! And hell  yeah, it means something ! And it's quite hard thing to deal with when it come to twenty. No more -teens stuff,sixteens, seventeen, eighteen. And here come my words to him :)

Dear Aulia Rahman Prayuza, or Bang Ayi
There's no surprising thing for being your sister. But sure you tough me a whole thing about what is the meaning of having such a brother espically a unique one like you. You showed me your affection, just like the way you did. You dont have to be that strong to protect me -your little sister- how from this evil world out here,nor you dont have to bother to teach me how things works. You , your affection,and our story just as perfect as I ever had.

Days by days, we both see how different we are.

Everyone do agree just in a glance how contrast we are. The way we think, our mind set, our behavior, and also our destiny. But that's doesn't mean anything to our history. We stay longer and stronger, even now we spare a part by 180 km. There is no such a thing that make me shame of you, no such a things. Every details that you had, always make me proud everytime I introduce you to the strangers . Yous should see how excited I am when I tell stories about us and yes, also about how great difference we had.

You always tell me how envy you are with how the life treat me in the way. These Ganesha thing, always be your dream. And these Bandung city, how you fallen love with it. But deep inside, I also adore how great you are with the way you handle things, enjoy the loneliness, and ignore with what people say just to make yourself comfortable. I wish I had that one, but see? God create us with a good reason. So I just to be grateful with what we are. Just one thing we both know and will always remember

"No matter how different way of life will treat us, we will always share it to each other so we will feels same"

At calais, You tell me how scary you are facing this "twenty-" thing. Turn up into 20's ages sure make everyone freaking out. But there's nothing I can do, except always being there for you as your little sister, hearing and giggling by your words, and also take you to every unique culinary places in Bandung that I knew. You dont have to be scary, because you always have me, since you were 1 year 1 month right? Why so scary?

So dear my brother, there are my words for you this night. Just happy twentys :) !

Ps. Walau rezeki yang Allah yg diberikan berbeda, insya allah kita berdua bakalan berusaha saling berbagi sehingga itu terasa sama :')


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