The Yellow Umbrella

Ted : Wait a second, This is my umbrella. I left this umbrella at Cindy's--, you totally stole my umbrella.
Mother : What? No, I didn't.This is my umbrella.I bought this.
Ted : Excuse me. It even has my initials. On it right here: T.M. -Ted Mosby- Yeah. Look again, "Ted Mosby".
Mother : Those are my T.M.-- "Tracy McConnell"
Ted : Um, no, Tracy McConnell, it's T.M.-- "Totally My umbrella".
Mother : Uh, your T.M.--"Terribly Mistaken", because this umbrella has always belonged T.M.:
"To Me." Although... I did lose it for a few years there. Um... so, I went to this dance club...
Ted : On St. Patrick's Day.
Mother : ...on St. Patrick's Day.
Ted : And you left it there.
Mother : And I left it there.
Ted : And you never thought you'd see it again.
Mother : And I never thought I'd see it again.
Mother : Funny how sometimes you just... find things.
Mau nangis :''' This is the Best and Most romantic conversation eve rin HIMYM. Ditambah Ted nya ganteng rambutnya basah gitu. AAAAK :''

Ps. Move on dari HIMYM,moveee ooon


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