That Door

On his side , he said 
"I'll show you the door, If you're tired of waiting"

Well in my side, I said to myself
"One day, this door closed, other doors open"

See? We're falling apart nowadays. What I want is differ with what you want, just from this door issues. How I see things, such a contrast to How you see things. You  are not belonged to me . You are belonged to them. And yes you will always be. Maybe You never be mine from the first begining. You always say how great they are, and proud you are being part of them. But cant you even see? 

What about being a part of me? Being my first priority amongst all? Did it ever make you proud? Feels nothing to you, huh. How many great spare time passed away and how many beautiful promises broken and fun plans cancelled ? 

It is look like when Victoria insisted Ted to choose between marrying her or keep being friends with Robin. And it is look like when Phillips asked Juliana to stay but she choose not to do so. And just like this complication. No one should choose, because when it comes to a true love, you dont have to choose anything between. It comes naturally, and easily, and unconditionally. Just wait until one day you finally can not resist to show me the door, and closed it right in my face :)


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