What excite me the most

Me : 'So what's bring you to here? Why you want to go here?"
Her : "Well, in Malaysia. The public University is very hard to get in. While the private one, is very expensive that I couldn't effort to."
Me : "But you rather choose live here, is the living cost as expensive as that private one?"
Her : "No no, the other problem is is very hard to get good score in private university. So I rather choose here."
Me : ''Hm oke. What about you? What's your story?"
Him : "Well , in Malaysia there is no Geology engineering. So I studied here to get title as geology engineering."
Me : "What? Serioulsy there is no such that major? There is no geology?'
Him :"Yes, really. I also wonder why"
Jadi sebenarnya itu cuma sekelumit pembicaraan pendek guwe ketika jadi asprak mahasiswa internasional wkwkw walo internasional nya cuma sebatas malaysia. Do you know what? There is nothing more can excite me when I have to meet a new stranger, with a total different background, different races even different language, and also when I have to meet a very old friends that I never see them before in a long time :) It feels so excited, as you have a new chapter in your life's book.


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