A final tribute to former lover

Dear you,

Someone whose in different world with me now, with us.
We truly never know when exactly nor how exactly we will met our death.
Like you, the one who passed away yesterday night by car accident.

You were 23 years old, when God take you back :'
And yes, no one expect this soon.
I still can imagine clearly when we used together. How we did our first meet
You looked at me in the eyes when I used police costume, and you drive me home
then take me home, and make me yours
And also the day when I said good bye.

But now? It seems so faraways, since you will never be here no more.
not for now, nor tomorrow nor never.
I just never can imagine
Just never can imagine how broken your girlfriend's heart for losing you :"''
Sure she will always miss you everyday
You both are so perfect, honestly. I love two of you :')
I am so happy when you finally met a girl who deserve your affection
None of jealousy but true happiness when I see and heard about you guys

But now, she were all alone at the end. the thing I never can imagine

She was so lucky for having you as her boyfriends.
And well so did I. I was that lucky too for having you once.
We both are lucky for ever loving the most humble and loving and caring person like you, Daus :')
But now, may God more loving you than us so HIM take you back up there.

Rest in peace, Daus.
Thanks for everything, thanks for ever loving me once, thanks for the memories and stories.

Ps. Mustika Firdaus, rest in peace at 30 Maret 2015.


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