PASCA Graduuation : Persiapan IELTS

Hello ! So recently, I am preparing myself for IELTS test on this 3rd September, hehe.
Graduation passed away, and nothing is special. Just as I expected, full of flowers, gift, hand craft, yeay !
No need to mention one by one because there are a lot person to be mention then hehe.

If the IELTS was going good as I expected, for sure I will share my experience, my preparation for IELTS in here immediately hehe. For instance where I took my course, how much is the cost, etc etc.

Buuuuut, if the result was too bad/under my expectation...hehe I won't share it because I think it means I am still not that good enough to guide you, reader ! Just see then hehe

So well, see you NEXT SEPTEMBER :)

Ps. : I just paid the test's fee. In August 2016, it costs Rp 2.850.000 via IDP bandung sunjana
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