So long ! After I had focussed on my first IELTS test, for about 6 weeks, finally I got the result ! Hahaha I am so happy with this band,at least I can use this to apply LPDP scholarship and also Osaka University/Utrect University for Phsyics Master.

I know that the 6.5 band is not too bad and also is not too high, but well because it is my VERY VERY VERY first IELTS test ever, I am totally fine with that. I mean, I believe with myself that if I took another IELTS test, I can get good score because I already know the test situation, get used to the test format, etc. So I can say that , YES I AM THAT OPTIMIST to my future IELTS hehe.

Because I had promised to explain about my preparation due to this good band, sure I will post about it later.
See ya everyone !

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