Kamu bakal kena karma, Sar

Lately, yesterday night is my limit. The word that you say, every single word, will never be forgotten. And it will be something that you never can take back, Monsieur. I am so sorry, if things never being good to you, never being fair to you. But I just think it was never cross in my mind that I am going to be the person that you dismissed, you cursed, you wished that Karma would hit me so hard, etc, etc. And yes, saying that you will never be forgive me for the rest of your life even when you're living in other universe (alias akhirat).

Well, well, well. One thing you should realize, I hope God's plan is the best plan, for both of us.
And yes, you already reach my limit. I am so sorry for your loss. 
I am quit.


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